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November 7, 2010


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|Shimeji FAQ|Shimeji Downloads|Shimeji Tutorial| FLELE Tutorial|

VBCF: For some odd reason, some people reported how it's a virus of some sort, due to a registry sweep, and trying to connect to the internet. So let me clearify.

The registry sweep was due to it looking at the JNA library to look for reading calls, according to the source coding. No internet activity to be found, unless you are appreantly using windows 2000, then javaws.exe might appear to try to use the java web searcher, Im sure you could stop that though. It is suggested to use the jar rather then the .exe, but w/e works for you. People still persist it is a virus though, without providing any proof.


Vodka Box Case Fairy: Yes, chaps! After serenading Google with *****talia's MKC... I found a great place. It's Japanese. (Sadly, I understand all of It's contents...)

Here's the template link, kiddies! Keep it in a GOOOOOOOOOOD place...YES INDEED. :nod:



Source - Google and...*censored for other matters* also... 4chan. I'm a lurker. :iconlelurkplz:

And special thanks to :iconskittlebittle: for helping me a lot~!
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I can't download the template because it requires older Java (6) to even start downloading... because it works through Java applets. any way to get around this problem? other than downgrading Java? An alternative download link maybe?
why neither of these links don't work ? :U
add www. at the beginning
MadMaren Dec 4, 2012
Seems like the links no longer work
Thankyou !! :D :D :D :D :D :DDD
You can also use Shimeji-ee, which is an English version Shimeji. The "Calm" Shimeji-ee version is the "Personal" Shimeji version, the "Mischievous" Shimeji-ee version is the "Ultimate" Shimeji version. You can find Shimeji here: [link]
Hi, I'm just letting you know I updated Shimeji-ee. I added a pop-up window when Shimeji-ee starts that lets you choose which of the image sets (the Shimeji type folders under the img folder) you want to use. Careful, like in Shimeji, every different type you pick uses a lot of memory right now. This'll probably be the last update unless someone finds bugs (or someone else adds features / improves memory usage.)

I also converted a huge set of Shimeji I had on my hard drive (I don't remember where I originally got them though) to Shimeji-ee image sets. To use them, just copy the folders named after characters to the Shimeji-ee img directory. Here's the link: [link]

And thanks for making your post! But looking at it again, it kinda seems like a huge wall of text nobody would ever read. If you can, can you replace it with this shorter version? If not, oh well. Thanks.


Shimeji is japanese desktop mascot program that makes a bunch of characters wander your screen and play around. I took the Shimeji source code and made a Shimeji English Enhanced (Shimeji-ee) version. I translated everything to English (including the configuration files), added a right click menu to force the Shimeji do the actions you want, and added support for using multiple types of Shimeji characters at once. It's all working.

You can download it from here: [link]
But make sure to read the readme first: [link]

If someone would like to write some guides, program in more features (or take much needed look at memory usage), or add new image sets, you can join the project and contribute at the Shimeji-ee home page.

Here's the project's homepage: [link]

I also converted a set of Shimeji I had on my hard drive (I don't remember where I originally got them though) to Shimeji-ee image sets. To use them, just copy the character named folders to the Shimeji-ee img directory. It's really easy to convert Shimeji to Shimeji-ee image sets yourself, you just need to rename and copy the old Shimeji img folders to the Shimeji-ee img folder. See the program readme for more information.

Here's the large file of 80 or so Shimeji-ee image sets: [link]

Characters like Adachi and Aizen have special configuration files, so you may want to take a look at their folders.
Thank you so much! I updated the Shimeji-EE post~

Keep up the good work! :iconhappyrussiaplz:
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